Bonnie and Her Story at Clondalkin Animal Clinic

This is the testimonial from Fiona Gallagher about her pet Bonnie at Clondalkin Animal Clinic.

Bonnie has been a patient of the animal clinic since she was 3 months and was diagnosed with a portable shunt at Halloween 2017. But it was in early may that she became really ill and was admitted to hospital.

She then became under the dedicated care of Mr Freyne. He explained everything in detail to me about the condition and about needing an ultrasound to established if there was only one shunt, thankfully, they proved to be only one. He advised me she would need liver shunt surgery as soon as we could get her strong enough.

Over the next weeks,  Bonnie regularly attended the clinic and everything was done to get her to eat and gain weight. So, me and Mr Freyne scheduled her surgery for the 2nd of August. They explained the dangers of the surgery and the aftercare she would need. As she was being prepared for surgery, she had a seizure she was recovered quickly but surgery has to be rescheduled for the 9th of August.

Mr Freyne decided to bring Bonnie in a few days before to stabilise her prior to surgery. Bonnie had been given such special care throughout and had a formed a bond with Cassie who had nursed her every time she was ill. But the weekend before she became seriously ill. She was placed in an oxygen chamber and was intravenously fed but she wasn’t responding.

Then on the 7th of August, I got a call asking me to come in. When I went in Bonnie was placed in my arms. She was so weak she could hardly lift her head. Mr Freyne explained he could go ahead with the surgery but she had a very small chance of survival even to get through the sedation the alternative was to euthanize her it was my decision I was devastated. I knew I couldn’t put her through the surgery with so little chance, so I had to prepare and make my final Farwell to her. He and Cassie were so supportive and I knew they were feeling so sad too.

It was late in the day, and when my friend could not get to the clinic in time to be with me Cassie said they would care for Bonnie overnight and we could come in the morning but warned that she may not survive the night.

The next morning, we arrived at the clinic we were told there’s been a change, see what you think. When we walked in Cassie was taking her down and there, she was running across to me IT WAS A MIRACLE!

Mr Freyne said he would go ahead with the surgery tomorrow, as long as she continued like this. He warned me if she doses survive the surgery tomorrow, she wouldn’t be out of danger for 10 days. It was a worrying time.

But Bonnie survived the surgery thanks to Mr Freyne and his wonderful dedicated team. Cassie devoted herself to Bonnie with round the clock nursing care for Bonnie as well as the other vets and nurses.

Within a day, she was on her feet and within 10days she was home in early October she had a seizure but since then she has begun to thrive. She races through the house now playing ball and flinging her teddy up in the air, and from may knowing that everyone at the clinic was supporting Bonnie and shared my anguish when she had a crisis and joy at her recovery made a big difference to me.

This is a practice with a big heart as well as skills. I know if it wasn’t for Mr Freyne, his team’s wonderful surgical skills and round the clock nursing care-and all the love that was lavished on her, she would not be here this Christmas. Bonnie loves visiting her friends at the clinic, and it is her second home now.

Bonnie was 1.6 kg before surgery.  She is now 2.5 kg.

Fiona Gallagher and Bonnie

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