Oxygen Chamber

oxygen chamberThe Oxygen Chamber is a way to administer oxygen to hypoxic animals. Hypoxia is a condition that causes a decreased level of oxygen into the blood. The oxygen chamber helps animals suffering from hypoxic to increase the intake of oxygen.

Hypoxia can be linked to asthma, heart problems, severe pneumonia and shock. Animals with hypoxia can be very stressed and any manipulation can increase this stress level by putting the animals’ life in danger.

The oxygen chamber allows the animal to relax and it decreases stress while increasing the oxygen level, without disrupting the animal. It is the perfect way to treat an animal with the minimal amount of stress possible. Most animals appear calm and relaxed during the oxygen therapy.

The therapy is available and used worldwide in human medicine, with many scientific publications reporting beneficial effects for human diseases and for animals. The oxygen chamber can be of great help to veterinary patients by speeding up the healing process.

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