Puppy & Kitten Parties

Free Puppy & Kitten Parties at Clondalkin Animal Clinic

We regularly hold free Puppy & Kitten Parties at Clondalkin Animal ClinicThere’s more to having a new puppy than just getting it vaccinated: our parties guide owners through all aspects of caring for their new furry family member. Your puppy will get a chance to play with other puppies and develop socialisation skills.

You can have a chat with our staff members who will talk you through all the stages of development and answer any questions or concerns you have about your puppy. Everyone gets a goodie bag and a certificate at the end of the evening.

Puppy parties are available to clients of Clondalkin Animal Clinic. Your puppy must be fully vaccinated and under 4 months of age. If you would like to be included on our next invitation list, please CLICK HERE TO CONTACT THE CLINIC.

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