Clondalkin Animal Clinic has a range of services available to diagnose your pet.

Vet Lab Services Clondalkin Animal ClinicWe perform our own blood tests in our in-house lab, to give you fast results about your pet. Any more complicated tests, we send to our external lab Axiom.

Diagnostics at Clondalkin Animal Clinic

We have in-house microscopy which is very useful for examining samples from your pet’s skin or a sample of urine. We check skin scrapes for any nasty little parasites, and urine samples can be checked for bacteria and mineral crystals.

Diagnostics Clondalkin Animal ClinicWe have a full x-ray machine with a top of the range digital processor. X-rays allow us to look at your pet’s bones and check for any breaks, but they also let us check your pet’s internal organs, and are very useful if you think your pet has swallowed something it shouldn’t have!

Ultrasound is a very useful tool for diagnosing an illness in your pet. It is a non-invasive technique that allows us to see your pet’s internal organs. With it, we can do pregnancy diagnosis, check for illness, perform ultrasound-guided biopsies and scan your pet’s heart to check its function.



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