Pet Travel & Travel With Your Pet

Would you like to bring your pet on holiday with you?

Or are you emigrating and can’t bear to leave your furry friend behind? We can help with getting your pet ready no matter where the destination.

For travel within the EU, your pet needs a Pet Passport. These are issued directly from the clinic. Your pet will also need a microchip and an up to date rabies vaccination (the first vaccination must be at least 21 days before travel). We also recommend having your pet’s other vaccinations up to date. Then the day before you travel, you will need to bring your pet into the clinic for a vet health check to make sure they are fit to travel. They will also be treated for ticks and tapeworms at this visit.

If you are considering travel further afield, please be aware that different countries have different criteria that must be met. Contact the Department of Agriculture in that country and find out what your pet needs to travel and we will be happy to help you get them ready to fly.

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