Weight Control

What is Obesity?

Obesity is when a dog or cat is more than 20% over its recommended body weight. Obesity is a common problem in our cats and dogs nowadays. It is sometimes harder for owners to see if their pet is obese because you see your pet every day. Obesity can lead to other problems in your pet such as heart, joint and breathing problems, and can shorten your pet’s lifespan.


How can we Help?

We have a pet weight loss clinic in our practice. We will set an ideal weight for your pet and work towards that goal. We can help you to find the right amount of food to feed your pet per day and the best food for them. We also have a special prescription weight loss diet which is recommended in some cases. We can also set an exercise plan to suit you. We have weekly or monthly weight checks for your pet and we keep track of their weight loss and progress throughout the weeks. If you have any worries or questions we can go through them in the appointment. We are here to help you all the way to get to your pet’s ideal body weight and once we reach this goal we can help you maintain this with regular checks and advice. Our weight clinics are a free service.

Starting weight: 15kg | Weight now: 11.8 kg

Helpful Tips for Home

  • Measure your pet’s food for their weight according to the feeding guide on your bag of food
  • Keep a food diary of everything your pet gets, even the scraps from the table.
  • If your pet likes to beg for food try putting them in a different room when eating and feed them their own food around this time
  • Make sure they are getting enough exercise
  • Assign one person to feed the dog rather than everyone; this way you can ensure no extra food is given
  • Call us today to start up your pet’s free weight clinic and help your pet live a happy healthy life.
Weight Clinic Graph
Weight Clinic Graph

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